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WARPED [ 2.28; Sunday]
[ mood | good ]

warped your was off the chain! crackheads, punks, sluts, jocks, skinheads, lesbians, hardcore kids, sXe kids, posers, all having a good ass time in the mud pits, circle pits and slip n' slides.

i think The Offspring played one of the best sets. and played to perfection cuz everysong sounded like it was straight from the cd. Big D and the Kids got everyone and thier mom skanking.

oh yeah, and where the fuck were all the punk bands dam it!? its warped tour and the most punk band they had on thier line up was The Transplants, Offspring and Street Dogs.(which kicked ass. they made a new fan today.)

didn't get to see The Transplants, Thrice, or Dropkick Murphys but it's still cool.

only thing i would of changed was how fucking HOT it was. and for that hot chick with the corona hat to have not to disappeared.

schools starting monday, so tomorrows the last night of summer partying.


[ 0.34; Friday]
[ mood | hungry ]

just saw Across Five Aprils with thier new singer. all i need to say about that is they need a new one. Burning Seasons rocked that shit and Calico System were not bad. fight broke out near the end, which is always fun to watch even tho it fucked up the show alil. went with alyshia n jerry. good times, good times.


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